23 de octubre de 2012

Chapter 2 - The Riot

Everything changes just in a minute. The calm before in Times Square has been replaced by a riot. People have started to fight against each other without any reason, it seems that suddenly something has been triggered in their brain. A sign to start a riot, a sign to destroy each other. Human versus human. A huge power is needed to perform something like that and there are very few people in the world with such a huge power. None of them are human, of course. Mind compelling, a way to make a human do whatever you want, a way that only a Caeleste can do, a way that only a group can do: Menthus.

“How did you know that this was going to happen?”, , I ask to my friend shouting over the shouts and the rest of the sounds of the riot. She looks worried and ready to fight. She has always been a great fighter for the human rights. Back in our times, when the Caelestes were in the top of every living, Elena and I, with another two friends, Aaron and Zack, fought against the Caeleste government, against our King, in order to give every human being the rights to be free, because in those times they were only slaves.

“I have lived here for the last three years. There is a reformatory outside New York where Syndus is the headmaster. He trains young Caelestes to control their powers and I was investigating that when I felt it. I knew because we had felt it before, when we were young. She knew where were we all and I could hear where were you. That’s how I found you.” I look again to the riot.

“Is she the person who has done this?” I asked again, I know who is able to do something like this.
“Yep.” Answers Elena very calm.
“Is she going to come?” I want to know, if she comes we are going to fight, it would be unavoidable.
“She is already here.”

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  1. Donde?? donde esta?? Jajajaja
    En serio menuda manera de empezar una historia, así de buenas a primeras a la accion... Eso mola. Y encima me permite practicar ingles fuera de clase =) Al fin veo que la carrera me sirve para algo xD

  2. DFADFAFASFASF LOCURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA a Elena le va la marcha (?) Uh uh uh y ¿quién es "ella"? :O Me ha gustado mucho el cambio ese de escenario, LOCURAAAAAA. CHANCHANCHÁN

  3. Bien Yeray. Buen escenario, gran cambio de los acontecimientos de repente. Tienes lo que hay que tener ahí, ahora veremos quién es la chica y qué es lo que quiere. Gran comienzo mis más sinceras felicitaciones!

  4. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ¿ELLA? WIII INTRIGA INTRIGA. Quiero saberlo rfgsdfgfg Y menudo cambio en los acontecimientos, ahora se vuelve todo más emocionante fghgdhdghdgh
    Está genial, con muchas ganas de leer el siguiente :33

    ¡Besos gigantes, María! :3

  5. Interesante, interesante. Pareces mi alumno... Jajaja!!

    Lo digo en serio, hay algo que me recuerda a lo que yo misma escribo. Muy bueno... Estás aprendiendo (lo dice alguien que leyó tus primeros post!!!)


  6. “She is already here.” “She is already here.” “She is already here.” “She is already here.”

    NO LA VEO!!!! xDD
    a ver Yeraaaaycitu I love it *-*
    aunque esta en ingles y es como un incentivo a no leerlo, pero lo he leído! xDD
    contentin? :3 espero que si !
    ayy y que sepas que me encanta Alex *-* es tan asdfghjk xD y sexy ñaaaam*

    ¿cuando subes más? :3