7 de noviembre de 2012

Siriusly Black encounter.

"Avada Kedavra!", the killing curse got out from my wand illuminating the entire place. Two seconds and the man was lying in front of me. Death. A smile appeared in my face in that moment, my mission was accomplished. Anyway, I touched his neck to check if he was really dead, he was. Perfect. I walked away and then disappeared next to some trees, no-one could see me. I appeared again in front of the Malfoy Manor, the house where we did our meetings in those days, only the death eaters could enter there while the war was happening, that wasn't a problem for me. The Dark Lord wasn't at home, as the house elf told me, so I had to call him. I touched the Dark Mark in the left forearm with my wand and in les than ten second the Dark Lord was in front of me. I made a reverence just before I started talking about what happened.

"It has been a very difficult fight, but I have killed Marlene McKinnon and Benjy Fenwick. They were together, I didn't know that those two had a relationship.", I told him with curiosity, but in the moment I raised my look to him I realized that I made a mistake.
"This is not moment for gossip shit", told me angrily. I looked down ashamed, he was right, he was always right. "you have done a good work and you will be rewarded". He put one of his strong hands on my shoulder to do that. He was touching me, I couldn't believe such an honor for someone like me. A simple wizard like me being rewarded and congratulated by the greatest wizard in world history.
"You have another thing to do right now, you have to go looking for Sirius Black. Torture him, kill him... Do whatever you want, but I want to know where Lily and James Potter are. Do not come back until you don't get this information." I agreed with a little movement of my head and right then I went out of the house again and I disappeared to London. I was informed that he was staying at the Leaky Cauldron, the famous pub that marks the frontier between muggle and magic world. I went straight to the manager of the place and I threatened him with my wand. I wanted him to tell me if Sirius Black was upstairs. When he confirmed that information I ran upstairs without any doubt. I needed his head, I needed that information for my Lord.

"Black...", I called him with his surname when I saw him. He turned and when he saw me he took out his wand, pointing it at me. Fuck. "Stupefy", shouted SIrius Black and the spell hit my shoulder, shit."Crucio!". I like the forbidden curses, the feeling of power when you use some of them is the best feeling you can ever feel. Like an orgasm. My curse didn't hit on him either, so I got out from the places I was to be hidden and I shouted: "Where are Lily and James? I know you have them hidden, tell me or die!", another spell hit on me and I fell to the ground. Some seconds later I saw Sirius Black above me. He was a traitor, he betrayed his whole family. The Black family was one of the most important family in our world. All the family was pure blood, the few people who didn't follow this purity was erased from the family one way or another. 
"I will never tell anybody where Lily and James are, NEVER!", he shouted me just before he started to cast a lot of spells. "and this is for Marlene and Benjy". In that moment I felt a cut in my neck and I felt I couldn't breathe. When I touched my neck I felt the blood, that was my last moment. I was dying.

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  1. Oh oh oh, que mieditu (?) Nah, ha molado. Por un momento pensé que el morti era Dolo xDDD (si, obsesión, es tu culpa) Como lo peta Sirius 8)

  2. JOJOJO.
    Mi Sirius. Si es que es el mejor. En serio, esto es grave.
    Sí, en serio, me gusta mucho mucho. La guerra de esta saga es la mejor vkishndognsd. ¿Por qué en inglés?

    Como ha molado, y sí, yo también pensé en un principio que era Antonin xDD Tsk, es lo que hace leer tantas cosas de Dolohov (?)

    Besos gigantes, María :3